What you need to know before hitting the Australian Ski Slopes for the first time.

When I first started researching skiing/snowboarding in the NSW Snowy Mountains, I found it really difficult to find any useful information on the 2 most popular NSW resorts, Thredbo and Perisher. Asking friends helped a little, but for me, a beginner, first timer to the Australian ski fields… finding information was hard.
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Is providing a full Medical History the new Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

The other day I was enjoying a coffee date with two girlfriends at our local cafe. Both girls were quite distressed over the daughter of a friend of theirs, who was recently diagnosed with a malignant (cancerous) brain tumour. Julia* is 3yrs old, and although the tumour may have been there since birth (undetectably until now), it was now so big that it had covered more than half of her left brain and wrapped itself around Julia’s brain stem. It has been operated on, had three rounds of chemo, operated on again (and again, and again) and then had three more rounds of chemo. 3yrs old! Are you crying yet? Continue reading

Where a flying Soul-O-Sista (or Mister) should go when…….they want to be active!

Are you the kind of person who loves being fit and active? Or the kind of person who gets itchy feet just sitting around when on holidays and has to keep moving? Yes? Then an active holiday may be for you.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to go on an active holiday. Active journey based holidays, whether on a bike, a hike or a swim, allows you to enjoy the scenery in a different view to your regular bus tours. Active holidays are also good for shedding KG’s and concentrating on your health and fitness without the usual distractions you get at home. Whatever your reasons, active holidays are a new interesting take on getting away from your mundane 9-5. Continue reading

My Worst Dating Stories #2: A Dent in my Day

It was Christmas Eve 2007. A while ago yes. But I remember it like it was yesterday. As I’m sure all you readers know, Christmas Eve in Australia is one hell of a night. Everyone is out having one much deserved drink before the Christmas break. And if you only see your friends once a year….its on Christmas eve. This was one of those nights. I had made my way to the local drinking hole with my current regular drinking partners in crime. We were having catch up after catch up after catch up. The bar was packed and everyone was gloriously happy. Continue reading

My Worst Dating Stories #1: Riding a Cowboy

It was a cold Friday night, June in 2008 and the Rodeo was in town. A yearly event where the world’s best Bull Riders come and put on 2 big shows over the weekend. I had received free tickets to the Friday night show thanks to my Journo friend who was reporting on the event. And what a show it was. 20+ world class Bull Riders in their big cowboy hats, big belt buckles, big personalities and chaps (with pants of course-this was a family event). Continue reading

Is South Africa safe for solo travel?

South Africa (flying soulo) was meant to be my adventure this year. Alas, I have chosen Cuba instead. I must say, safety was one concern of mine. But more so, I decided that Africa was a destination I wanted to experience with someone (probably because most Safari trips are in tours and I hate tours. I would prefer a private tour for 2 or 3). It was though, extremely satisfying to hear (from Traveling The World Solo), that SA can be done (and enjoyed) by a fellow female Soulo traveler!!



When I made the decision to backpack solo through South Africa, my safety seemed to be the topic on everybody’s lips. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that I have friends, family members and old acquaintances concerned for my well-being, but what I didn’t find nice, was the fact that many of these concerns and opinions about the dangerousness of South Africa seemed inherently racist and dare I say, ignorant.

It’s a sad fact that before my departure, a girl I hadn’t spoken to or seen in years, contacted me through Facebook Messenger and told me that not only was I stupid for travelling to South Africa alone, but also that I was going to get myself raped and murdered, and when I did, it would be my own fault.

That was a message that I found confronting, upsetting and disturbing. It frustrated me so much that I simply deleted…

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Satisfying a woman: Why taking your time is important.

I don’t think I could have said it better myself. Bravo!


There are two types of guy when it comes to sex. Those that just want to come and those that want the girl to come. If you’re in the first group, shame on you! I mean if nothing else, you’ve been wanking your whole life! Beating your dick like it stole something for years! Riding the ghost whip! Slap boxing the one eyed champ! Greeting the old chap whilst imagining some down town Lester Brown. My point? You know you’re busting that nut! When a guy has sex, invariably he’s going to come. So why on earth would you rush, get yours and leave her feeling profoundly unsatisfied? See for me it’s always been about ego. I want to leave a girl thinking that I was a great lay. Realistically, unless you get a number of cracks at it, you’re not going to be top of the tree with every girl…

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Eat Pray Love: Elizabeth Gilbert

Is it cliché that I love this book? Mid 30’s; Single; Female; Dreaming of having a sabbatical and travelling the world for a year without any inhibitions. Finding the love of my life in a beautiful tropical destination, synchronising perfectly with me finally finding myself. Yeah, it’s probably cliché. But I don’t care. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is not a bestselling novel for nothing. Millions of people can’t be wrong. Continue reading