My Worst Dating Stories #2: A Dent in my Day

It was Christmas Eve 2007. A while ago yes. But I remember it like it was yesterday. As I’m sure all you readers know, Christmas Eve in Australia is one hell of a night. Everyone is out having one much deserved drink before the Christmas break. And if you only see your friends once a year….its on Christmas eve. This was one of those nights. I had made my way to the local drinking hole with my current regular drinking partners in crime. We were having catch up after catch up after catch up. The bar was packed and everyone was gloriously happy. Continue reading


My Worst Dating Stories #1: Riding a Cowboy

It was a cold Friday night, June in 2008 and the Rodeo was in town. A yearly event where the world’s best Bull Riders come and put on 2 big shows over the weekend. I had received free tickets to the Friday night show thanks to my Journo friend who was reporting on the event. And what a show it was. 20+ world class Bull Riders in their big cowboy hats, big belt buckles, big personalities and chaps (with pants of course-this was a family event). Continue reading

The Perfect Friend With Benefits

I have the most perfect Friend With Benefits. We have been FWB for 7 yrs (on and off in between relationships- we’ve never cheated), he is a good friend, but not a great friend. He is good in bed, but not great in bed. He is attractive but not super attractive. He treats me well, but not really well. He lives 2 hrs away making him accessible but not too accessible and we are 100% honest and open with each other, discussing our past present and future relationships. These are all the qualities needed for being able to sleep with someone casually without falling for each other.  Continue reading