Satisfying a woman: Why taking your time is important.

I don’t think I could have said it better myself. Bravo!


There are two types of guy when it comes to sex. Those that just want to come and those that want the girl to come. If you’re in the first group, shame on you! I mean if nothing else, you’ve been wanking your whole life! Beating your dick like it stole something for years! Riding the ghost whip! Slap boxing the one eyed champ! Greeting the old chap whilst imagining some down town Lester Brown. My point? You know you’re busting that nut! When a guy has sex, invariably he’s going to come. So why on earth would you rush, get yours and leave her feeling profoundly unsatisfied? See for me it’s always been about ego. I want to leave a girl thinking that I was a great lay. Realistically, unless you get a number of cracks at it, you’re not going to be top of the tree with every girl…

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The most interesting travel blog post I have ever read…..

This was the most interesting Blog Post I have ever read. Kami visited Iran as a female solo traveler and tells of all of her experiences. It is true that Iran is not without its problems (its people are fleeing for a reason). But it was reassuring to know that Kami felt safe on her entire journey and that the people were hospitable. Continue reading

How To Get Published on The Huffington Post

I found this to be really insightful article. A must read for any blogger. Getting an article posted the the HuffPost would be such a achievement. But surely well deserved for the bloggers mentioned in the article.

Journalist On The Run

7 published writers, bloggers and photographers give some tips on how to get published on The Huffington Post.

how to get published on huffington post

Bloggers love to blog. We love it, of course we do. But, as much as we love blogging just ‘for the sake of it’, what we really love is getting more readers. We love getting more hits. We love getting more followers. It means so much to bloggers when our posts get read, commented on and even better…shared. As much as we love blogging on our own sites, the opportunity to blog on external sites is very appealing. So many bloggers are creating the most incredible content every day and sadly no one is seeing all these wonderful posts.

Enter The Huffington Post. If you haven’t heard of The Huffington Post, you must be living under a rock. With an Alexa ranking of 93 (meaning it is the 93rd most visited…

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On the ‘dangers’ of female travel

Bravo… I too have traveled to a number of these countries as a single female traveling solo. And I’ve come out unscathed. My most dangerous solo traveling moments happened in The Netherlands and the USA. Yes I believe it can be challenging and far more difficult traveling solo as a single female. But travel brave, have your wits about you and you’ll be ok.

Road Essays

This could just be a story about countries deemed dangerous for women to travel to. But it’s more than that. This is a story about our perception of danger and how we’re told time and time again that the unfamiliar and the foreign are more dangerous to us than what is on our own doorstep.

A couple of months back, British tabloid the Daily Mail ran a story in their travel section titled ‘Sex attacks, muggings, and harassment: World’s most dangerous holiday destinations for women (and some of them may surprise you)’. The top ten list declared India; Brazil; Turkey; Thailand; Egypt; Colombia; South Africa; Morocco; Mexico; and Kenya to be the most dangerous countries for female travellers.

We’ll get back to that shortly.  First I want to tell you about a strange encounter I had in Medellin, Colombia in 2001.

After a hard couple of days travelling…

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The questions you really want to ask a travel blogger

Interesting article. It sounds like being a travel blogger is a great lifestyle. But I think it would be difficult to keep coming up with new fresh material. LGB does this perfectly!!

Little Grey Box

The world of blogging is a little bit crazy. It’s hard to imagine it is a job and something you can actually do for a living. A few years ago I didn’t even know what blogging really was and I certainly had no idea how to get started or make something of it. Without a doubt, starting Little Grey Box has been one of the best decisions of my life. When I talk to people about what I do, I usually get asked the same questions. So today I thought I’d give you a bit of insight into how my world works and answer those big questions I hear regularly.

First things first though, I have to say upfront that I work as a writer, so the title of ‘travel blogger’ is a happy job title I’ve kind of fallen into. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was…

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Friends With Benefits…

Take note everyone. My FWB (who you’ll hear about soon) is the perfect FWB. We have been FWB for 7yrs (on and off in between relationships), he is a friend, but not a great friend. He is good in bed, but not great in bed. He treats me well, but not really well. All the perfect ingredients for being able to sleep with someone casually without falling for each other. Thanks for the article!!

27 single & living...

Friends With benefits …

So I took it upon my self to find a definition of what Friends with benefits means And yes I used urban dictionary. Not the greatest but who even needs a definiton on this.

Friends with benefits-Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment.

Okay, a pretty self explanatory definition. So heres my deal, 9 out of 10 times the girls fall for the dude.

Well, I basically defined this for the men out there because they don’t understand how we fall for them.

Well, let me explain to you how this happens. When two friends simply agree to just have sex and sex only, it should simply be SEX ONLY!

So heres a few tips for you men out there who help us females fall…

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Top 5 reasons to quit your job and work for yourself

Little Grey Box

There would be very few people out there who haven’t thought about getting up and leaving their current job to find a new path, a new life goal, or to simply have a change. I had been really frustrated for a really long time working for someone else. I felt confined and boxed in, every day was like groundhog day and the years were rolling by a little too fast for my liking. Leaving my job to work for myself has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done and I haven’t looked back since.

While quitting your job and working for yourself may not be for everyone, there are heaps of people out there who have thought about it but aren’t sure where to start or what the benefits are. Today I wanted to share my top reasons why working for yourself is awesome!

1. More Opportunities

Working for…

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Setting the Bar Low

Sonya Huber

I haven’t been able to write lately due to disrupted mornings, which has thrown me off and made me rusty. I have spoken and written about the hour-a-day writing routine, and I want to admit here in the privacy of the Internet that the bar is super low for that hour. Here’s a chronicle of real writing as it just happened:


8:30 reply to 2 urgent emails.

8:31: Oh my god this morning pissed me off so much. The battle with my son over his iPod. The freaking diabetic cat. The illnesses. The …whatever. Arrrrrgggh. I haven’t had time to write in days and I think I have forgotten how. Arrrrrrgggghghg.

8:32: Send an essay to be read by one of my writing groups. Stare at my folder of stuff in progress and nothing looks interesting. Resign myself to starting this document. Hating everything…

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Running in Heels

I love this piece. Looking forward to more!!

Florence in Heels

Travel and dreaming about travel are two of my favourite pastimes in life.

It’s lucky really because travel has been a lifelong friend: she’s assaulted my senses, ignited my desires, mended my broken heart, satiated my thirst for knowledge, wrenched me out of my comfort zone, made me crazy with anger and frustration, filled up my mind with pretty landscapes and twilight vignettes and led me to wonderful people and blissful moments I’ll never forget.

When I’m not planning my next holiday, I’m supremely anxious. Anxious to see my trusty lifelong friend again, to see what adventure we will take this time. To feel the thrill and excitement of being at the airport, watching jets soar into the air. To lay bikinis and sarongs and beauty products all over my bed the night before (the week before now I have an extra accessory in the form of a cheeky toddler) so I can pack the perfect vacation suitcase. To slip my…

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