One of my most favourite things to do in this world is to sit around a table with my favourite girlfriends (and sometimes even boy-friends) and share our best and worst dating stories. With a glass of wine in hand, the laughs are endless. This blog aims to share these stories with you all. But, it can’t be done alone. There is some golden material out there and Soul-O-Sista wants to hear it. If you have an awesome or hilarious dating story and would like to share it with us and the world, then please send your article to soul.o.sista@gmail.com (or enter in the contact form below) and we will publish it. The rules are that we will not print any racist, or prejudice pieces. You can remain anonymous and we suggest you change the names of the people you are writing about.

Soul-O-Sista also blogs about issues faced by the single people of the world including traveling Soulo, going to a restaurant Soulo or trying to make it in a world that seems to only cater towards couples.

Soul-O-Sista is a blog for singles everywhere.





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