My Worst Dating Stories #2: A Dent in my Day

It was Christmas Eve 2007. A while ago yes. But I remember it like it was yesterday. As I’m sure all you readers know, Christmas Eve in Australia is one hell of a night. Everyone is out having one much deserved drink before the Christmas break. And if you only see your friends once a year….its on Christmas eve. This was one of those nights. I had made my way to the local drinking hole with my current regular drinking partners in crime. We were having catch up after catch up after catch up. The bar was packed and everyone was gloriously happy.

I stumbled across a real high school crush….well actually a High School Schoolies Crush (HSSC). We hadn’t seen each other in years and it was awesome hanging out again. We made out some. We left the bar and made out some more. My girlfriend had picked up some dude high on drugs whose mum eventually came to pick him up. She met mum, made out with him, then put him in the car to leave. Classy times.

But this story isn’t about my HSSC, nor is it about my friends disastrous first date with that drug taker. My HSSC and I were contemplating how we were going to get home, when another guy approached me. I had met him earlier in the night where we were discussing our Boxing Day drinking plans, which turned out to be the same. Mid making out with my HSSC, this guy interrupted and ask for my number. His name was Harvey Dent (or let’s just call him that for the sake of the story).

We both had plans to go to the annual Boxing Day Horse Races which were among the ‘must do’s’ list for people in their mid 20’s. Harvey knew my cousin, so we also had that connection. We text most of Christmas Day and planned to meet up. I’m not one to ditch my GF’s for a date, so I didn’t actually see him till late afternoon. And by this time I had had a few. It was nice. He was nice. And super complimentary “wow you’re so beautiful” “I’m so lucky” (blah blah). We had a little kiss in the grandstand (what can I say….it was a good summer) and then headed to a dodgy local pub after the races finished. I had left my friends by then and he had 1 friend tagging along for the ride. The night was full of more drinking and a bit of dancing. A little making out too. Finally by 1am it was time to go home. The 3 of us jumped in a cab to head home. My house was first stop. His friend in the front seat and us in the back. As we jumped in the cab his front seat mate turned to the taxi driver and said

“Look at you. You are the biggest fat fucker I have ever seen. You look like Gandolf!! Drive us home Gandolf.”  I was so embarrassed and the taxi driver was mad.

I started begging “I am so sorry. Oh My God I am really really sorry” The boys then both chimed in together and continued the abuse of the taxi driver. I continued apologising and started yelling at the boys “Shut up. You’re being horrible. Shut up”.

When the Taxi driver said “I’ll drop you home love, but I’m not taking the boys any further” (and rightly so), the boys got more abusive. We got to my house and the 3 of us climbed out of the cab. The boys suggested that they would just stay at my house “No I don’t think so” And went up stairs alone.

The next day I got a call from Harvey apologising for his rude behaviour and actions. He then asked me to dinner. I said “No I don’t think so. That was some of the worst behaviour I have seen and I’m not interested” Harvey begged and I gave in.

(The next person to tell me my standards are too high will be copping a gob full…)

The date was ok. He was a gentleman, holding doors and pulling out chairs. Unfortunately the conversation was rather boring. He had been with his ex (who he married) for 10yrs, and had pretty much had nothing to say that didn’t involve her. “We did this together and we did that together”. Dude…I don’t care to hear about all the awesome times you had with your ex wife!! He tried to hold my hand going home which I denied him of stating “I’m not sure about you yet”.

We had one more average date before he went to NZ for a holiday. Upon returning he was desperate to see me. But he wouldn’t come to me. Stressed and under the pump with uni and work, he made me drive 30min in the opposite direction to meet him in a Subway (Sandwich shop that is) in between classes. Needless to say I was less than impressed (and to be honest, probably showing it) he leaned back in his chair reached into his pocket and pulled something out and threw it at me. It was a jade ring he had brought for me in NZ. I didn’t know what to say “um….thank you…..are we serious enough for you to be buying me a ring…..I thought this was over…..I only really kissed you twice….and you abused a taxi driver.”

Whoops-I actually never saw or spoke to Harvey again. A man with an abusive streak and an ex-wife that he is still muchly in love with is less than desirable.


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