Thrive: Arianna Huffington

ThriveI first saw the book Thrive by Arianna Huffington on a stand in an airport book store (which is pretty much the only place I shop for books these days). For whatever reason, lately I have been obsessed with biographies and empowering inspirational women seem to be my go to.

I didn’t know anything about Arianna Huffington prior to picking up this book. Sure I had heard of the Huffington Post. I loved the Huffington Post. But I had no idea about the story behind it or who created it. When I read the books back blurb which stated that a women was behind the Huffington Empire, I was shocked….and stoked! How cool is that! This women is one of the most influential people in the world. How super impressive. I had to read this book.

As it turns out, Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive was not so much a biography of her incredibly successful life, but more of a self help book on how to (wouldn’t you know it) Thrive. And I enjoyed it just as much, if not more, as the biography I was intending to read.

It is hard for me to find the words as to why I love this book so much. I love that is it so rich with knowledge and research ( I am a sucker for good research). I love that you get small glimpses in to Arianna’s past as to what shaped her and made her the women she is today. I love the sporadic quotes and poems of inspiration. I love the idea’s put forward for leading a successful career and a successful life outside of work. I love that she is being a promoter of good work ethics and not the ‘work yourself to the bone’ work ethic that has been a part of today’s society for too long.

This is, in fact, the basis of the book. Designing and introducing to the world (through this book Thrive) what Arianna likes to call the Third Metric. A Third measure of success to Power and Money. Arianna goes into detail about the four pillars needed to create this third metric; well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving. She then show’s you how you can apply this to your life and has the research to prove its benefits. One of the best pieces of advice I got from this book was walking meetings. Topic’s can’t stay stagnate if you are continuing to move forward (literally). It may sound trivial, but I will be taking this piece of advice to the grave (or at least to the end of my working life)

I only wish I had had this book in my early-mid twenties when my stupidly busy life was feeling (and getting) out of control. The benefits it would have provided me back then would have been immeasurable.

For me, this book was one which I felt like I should sit down with a pen, pad and highlighter to take notes of all the wonderful insights and information she was providing. It will be a book I refer to for the rest of my life.

Thank you Arianna Huffington. You are are inspirational, wise and wonderful.


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