The most interesting travel blog post I have ever read…..

This was the most interesting Blog Post I have ever read. Kami visited Iran as a female solo traveler and tells of all of her experiences. It is true that Iran is not without its problems (its people are fleeing for a reason). But it was reassuring to know that Kami felt safe on her entire journey and that the people were hospitable. I think the article was so interesting because Iran is so foreign. There are a million and 1 blog posts on Ubud and Florence…but nothing on Iran. And nothing on Iran by a female solo travel!

I am such a fan of Kami’s blog ‘Kami & the Rest of the World’ which can be found at  She is brave, strong, bold, inspirational and super interesting.

Kami’s article on Iran made me want to pack my bag and book a ticket ASAP (although I don’t think a solo trip to Iran would make my mother very happy).

The link to the article about Iran is posted below. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


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