Bound for Bali….with my Bestie

So here I am. On the verge of embarking on my first non working overseas trip with a single friend.

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to travel A LOT in the past 16yrs. And I mean A LOT. During my 20’s my job was taking me to Europe up to 3 times a year. I lived in Atlanta visited Canada annually and the Pacific Islands felt like a second home.

But all of those trips were work related. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Portugal, if you still have to get up every morning and go to work, then it just can’t be considered a relaxing trip. Don’t get me wrong, I did travel with some amazing people that I would call some of the greatest friends I have. But late night rendezvous at the Fado Club were few and far between.

This trip is with my beautiful friend who is single mum of 3 great kids. She has never left Australia…… and the kids aren’t coming!!!

Our trip is to beautiful Bali. Cheap. Accessible and different enough from Australia to feel like you’ve had a travel experience.

I can’t wait to FINALLY travel with someone. I once did 3 nights in Siem Reap with a friend before we parted ways, and in 2009 I meet up with my roommate and his new fiancee in Paris. Both these times were so much fun! But again attached to work so not completely free.

I recently read a brilliant article on the amazing blog World of Wonderlust called ‘How to Stay Sane When Traveling With Your Best Friend’, which got me thinking – how are we going to travel together?

I have to say that I am nervous. Am I a ‘set in my ways’ traveler? Will I be able to share a room with someone (who suffers from insomnia) for 7 days? Will she be a ‘stay in the resort’ type of girl? Or the ‘get me out to experience everything’ type of girl?

Not only can I not answer these questions, but I don’t think she can either. Although her current situation means that she has to be extremely resourceful, brave and strong, she is still nervous about driving to the airport. She is ensuring we have plenty of medication, all international plugs and exchanged enough money  for the whole trip (just as we all did on our first overseas trip).

My hope for her is that she is not timid. That she suffers from no shyness. That she will be able to handle her first experience in a none 1st world country and embrace it. That she will try all the street food and barter with the locals. That she will drink plenty of cocktails and gorge on eggs, pancakes and tropical fruit every morning. That going for a bike ride in Ubud sounds like a great idea as does buying 20 pairs of fake Ray Ban sunglasses.

My hope for me is that I learn that I can travel with someone, that I will be able to embrace her naive-ness to this new world and that this will be the first trip of many sharing with friends.

My hope for us is that we will have an amazing time together, that we will make memories that will last a life time, and that this trip wont defer us from traveling (either together or apart) again.


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