Internet Dating….Do I have to??

As stated in so many places on this blog, I am 34 and single. My friends are running out of single friends to introduce me to (actually, I’m not sure they ever did that), bar’s are exceedingly filled with under 25 year olds and potentials at work are below limited. So what are my options? Is internet dating the only thing left?


Internet dating would give my pride such a beating. For me, it was always a last measure of desperation. Although I have friends and a sister who found love on those sites….it was just never ever something I wanted to partake in.

I have friends and family members that whole heartedly agree with me. That the internet is never going to be the place I meet my future husband. That the men on internet dating sites are certainly not my type, and possibly dangerous stalkers. I also have friends that will laugh at me and poke fun with snide remarks (as I have-admittedly- done in the past to others) if I go anywhere near a dating site.

While defending my stance against internet dating to some friends over drinks and admitting that it was pure pride and shame that was preventing me from posting a profile-I had one friend say this to me……

“Do you want to keep your pride or be lonely. Is there more shame in internet dating or being single and alone for the rest of your life?”
OUCH- That hurt! But she was right. At what age do I swallow my pride? Is 34 it?

Is this where I give up all hope of meeting someone at a bar at work or through friends?

Internet dating is forever going to be something I am embarrassed to tell people about, ashamed to admit, and devastating if my married and engaged ex’s ever find out. To me, it screams failure. But being single well into my 40’s and never having the opportunity to have children is going to be something far more upsetting for me.

It is going to take a lot of courage, a few tears and probably a bottle of wine to get my profile on any site. And if I ever get there, to that point where I have to admit to myself that this is my last option, then I hope that internet dating is kind to me. No freaks and geeks. No murders, sociopaths or psychopaths. Just normal everyday humans, who feel like this is an investment into a lonely-less future.


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