Running in Heels

I love this piece. Looking forward to more!!

Florence in Heels

Travel and dreaming about travel are two of my favourite pastimes in life.

It’s lucky really because travel has been a lifelong friend: she’s assaulted my senses, ignited my desires, mended my broken heart, satiated my thirst for knowledge, wrenched me out of my comfort zone, made me crazy with anger and frustration, filled up my mind with pretty landscapes and twilight vignettes and led me to wonderful people and blissful moments I’ll never forget.

When I’m not planning my next holiday, I’m supremely anxious. Anxious to see my trusty lifelong friend again, to see what adventure we will take this time. To feel the thrill and excitement of being at the airport, watching jets soar into the air. To lay bikinis and sarongs and beauty products all over my bed the night before (the week before now I have an extra accessory in the form of a cheeky toddler) so I can pack the perfect vacation suitcase. To slip my…

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