Stood Up by the POW

After a depressing week at work and finding out that an ex had just got engaged, I was more than keen for a boozy Friday Ladies Long Lunch to drown my sorrows.
By the time 6pm rolled around- I was successfully forgetting all about my woes and happy as Larry. Sitting in the bar over looking the water up approached an attractive 35yr old male. He joined out table and sat directly opposite me and said “where do you live?”. “Black St” I said “Why do you ask?”, “Because you live in my building”. Ah Yes, the guy from my building who I have been giving awkward hello’s, semi smiles and 1/2 waves to.

We instantly dived into some very comfortable, fun and flirty conversation. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, enough so that I actually asked him on a date-Monday night-Soccer tickets-my shout. He accepted my offer.

We continued talking throughout the night while our friends and fellow pub punters faded away.
We went home together (but lets remember,before judging, that we live in the same building, 2 doors away. So not really ‘going home together’).
His roommate Cam (women hater after a recent bad break up) drove us home and the 3 of us gathered in there lounge room watching crappy late night movies and drinking. More fun and flirty conversation-but this time the roommate was included.

After getting a recent serve from my perpetually coupled up friends, that I was too picky, had far too high standards and don’t stay long enough to really find out if my date is a perfect match, I was trying to stay open minded. At 35yrs, everyone has a past and probably some baggage to go with it.

So meet POW. Divorced father of 3 (stay open minded). Sleeps in a bunk bed for when his kids come and stay with him (stay open minded) but his kids never actually come over because they hate him (stay open minded). He is a heavy smoker (stay open minded). He then goes to the toilet with the door open within full view of the lounge room in which we were sitting (stay open minded). He then starts talking about his past heavy drug use (keep open minded).

The more POW drank, the more he started talking about his sketchy past. But me – keeping an open mind- still wanted to pursue things. I was still enjoying his company.

I left his unit for mine. He offered to walk me home ( a couple of meters away) which was enough to have a quick make out session in the hallway.

This was my Friday night. Our (hopefully sober) date was scheduled for Monday night. Maybe it was nieve of me, but I was totally expecting a visit over the weekend. Surely he had had as good a time as me and wanted to hang out.
It wasn’t until late Sunday night that I got a knock on my door. I was excited to see him “Come in, come in. Take a seat”. POW was there to apologise “I am sorry for my behaviour Friday night. I had too much to drink and Cam (roommate) told me that I acted like a fool, said some things I shouldn’t have and I am sorry”. “That’s ok. Thanks for the apology” (to be honest I was actually not quite sure what he was apologising for-but happy it got him to come over).

POW invited me to the pub to watch the Sunday nights soccer match with himself andCAM. I accepted the invitation and the 3 of us made our way to our local.

Now, a soccer game usually goes for 2hrs, once you include 1/2 time and the after match review. In our 2 hr trip to the pub, POW sat with us for approximately 30 min…!! He brought us a drink, sat down for 5min, then went to the pokie room for a smoke and a punt (stay open minded), 20min later he returned, brought us another drink, sat for 5min then headed back to the pokie room for more gambling and more smoking (stay open minded). This time he was gone for 45min!! Leaving me and his roommate to watch the soccer alone. At one point, Cam also left, leaving me in an empty pub watch the soccer all by myself. Now, I am a strong independent women and I am no stranger to hanging out by myself in public….but this was just rude! (stay open minded)
Game over and we, once again,were waiting on POW to finish his rolly and churn his way through his latest hit on the pokies (stay open minded).

Back in the same apartment, the 3 of us watched TV while POW continued to drink, and drink, and drink (keep open minded). Once again, POW chose to discuss his past addiction to synthetic cocaine (stay open minded) and his stint in rehab (stay open minded).

Finally it was time for me to head home. But of course, we still have a date planned for Monday night. Soccer game. My shout on tickets.

Me- “So are we still on for tomorrow night”
POW- “What? Tomorrow night?”
Me- “Yeah remember, I asked you out to the soccer. I have tickets for us both. 6 pm kick off”
POW- “No I’m sorry. I’m not coming. I’ve got to go to training”

Training! His excuse is training! He is not a professional athlete. He is not even on a local sporting team. He is not morbidly obese or dying of a chronic disease. What Training??

I have been stood up by a divorced father of 3, who sleeps in a bunk bed, recovering from a drug addiction with a current chain smoking addiction, who chooses to urinate with the door open while entertaining guests. MIND CLOSED!


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